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About Us
OPC, Inc. is a privately owned company focused on advanced collaborative manufacturing that came into existence on January 7th, 2005. We are managed, operated and controlled solely by our highly qualified, trained and experienced owners. Our team has been involved in managing and operating programs for multinational companies for the past three decades. Our structure is custom tailored to cater to and constantly strive for quality assured product at an optimum cost to the customer.
From the onset of forming OPC, Inc. the vision was to reinvent manufacturing with the sole purpose of providing more companies with the slogan “MADE WITH PRIDE IN AMERICA”. To do this, we had to be cost effective in competing in this globally challenging market. This goal is accomplished every day in the pricing and support structure we provide to our customers that we have acquired. With no tier structure, we cut through the red tape and offer immediate and top level support in all aspects of our customers program, from engineering design for manufacturing support through to optimized, highly cost competitive, lead time reduced machining achieved on state of the art equipment. A level one machine shop centrally located in the heart of New England, OPC, Inc. contains the resources, equipment, broad experience and leadership team to service highly diversified industries. Focusing on key differentiators, such as design engineering, a fresh new approach to processes, systems and a 'can do anything' attitude, OPC, Inc. has acquired business and commitments by strategically aligning itself with OEM’s in a variety of industries, including firearms, electronics, renewable energy systems, automation systems, aerospace, medical, cosmetics and plastic enclosures.